Hairline Lowering


Hairline lowering surgery, also known as scalp advancement or forehead reduction, is a procedure that addresses a congenitally high or recessed hairline

Overview of Hairline Lowering

The long and prominent forehead can affect negatively on the face beauty and balance. Several reasons cause high forehead such as genetics or possibly hair loss. For Asian women, usually favourable height for hairline is 5.5-6 cm from the midpoint of the eyebrows. If you wish to have a shorter forehead, don’t worry! Hairline lowering surgery that is also called forehead reduction surgery is an effective solution. It can be used in both men and women who feel their forehead is very tall, or the hairline is high.

Hairline Lowering Recommended For:

  • The best candidates are people who desire to have better looking forehead
  • People with thick hairs
  • Non-smokers

Before Hairline Lowering

Smoking delays the healing process, so smoking must stop for one month before surgery. The doctor should know about medical history and all the medicines of the patient. Some medications like aspirin, Plavix and dabigatran or warfarin and rivaroxaban and any anti-inflammatory medicine like ibuprofen or celecoxib should be held under the doctor’s supervision. Also, supplements such as gingko Biloba, omega 3, fish oil, St Johns Wart and vitamin E must be held due to increasing risk of bleeding during the surgery.

During Hairline Lowering

The new hairline will be marked on the forehead, and after the patient’s confirmation, surgery begins. It is done with local or general anaesthesia depending on patient and surgeon opinion. During the surgery through an incision, maximum 2-3cm of the forehead skin is removed, and the scalp is brought forward. In the last step, the wound is sutured.

After Hairline Lowering

Patients may experience pain on the first days after surgery. The doctor will prescribe some pain killer pills. Ice complex can be a good choice, too. Also, antibiotics may be prescribed to prevent infection. Hair must not be washed for at least two days. An initial recovery will be expected in 7-10 days after the surgery. An incision remains behind the hair line. However, the scar will be fully covered after hairs regrowth.

Hairline Lowering cost in Iran start from 507$

Hairline Lowering cost in Tehran start from 507$

Hairline Lowering cost in Mashhad start from 607$

Hairline Lowering cost in Shiraz start from 657$

Hairline Lowering cost in Ahvaz start from 657$