Smile Designing

A smile designing is a dental procedure which artistically creates straighter, whiter and beautiful natural-looking smiles. Smile designs can do wonders to fully restore dental health and appearance regardless of the original state of existing teeth.

Overview of smile designing

Smiling is one of the first ways to connect in social communications. The shape of the mouth and teeth when smiling is one of the first things that attract the attention of the audience, and depending on the kind of smile appearance, may disturb the audience or attract his interest in continuing the relationship. Some patients do not smile and feel embarrassed because of their teeth appearance. If a person has some feelings, she/he should stop them because all needed is only a cosmetic smile designing plan. Cosmetic smile designing means the person has healthy teeth but is not happy with the way they look like. This feeling can be due to teeth dislocation, or discolouration and, in some cases, inappropriate size of teeth. So cosmetic smile designing, which is a kind of aesthetic method can be employed to obtain the desirable teeth appearance. The purpose of smile design is to achieve a balanced system whose components works appropriately with each other. Soft tissues, teeth, muscles, joints and bone structures should be in balance with each other, to achieve a beautiful smile.

Type of smile designing

  • Orthodontics: In this method, the pressure is applied by installing wire and brackets on the teeth and during a relatively long period the teeth are gradually arranged and placed in the right place.
  • Dental implants: It is done for people who have lost one or more of their teeth. Dental implants are like natural teeth, and in addition to improving the beauty, they also improve the patients chewing and speech.
  • Bleaching or teeth whitening: If the teeth are arranged in their line, and their only problem is discolouration, the bleaching treatment can be used to correct the smile pattern.
  • Laminates: For problems such as dental distance, cracks and other similar problems until they are non-serious and in their initial levels, laminate or denture can be used. Laminates thickness is like the eggshell and they are very similar to the natural tooth, they are glued to the outer surface of the tooth by dental adhesive.
  • Achieving the golden ratio: All treatments used to correct smile patterns are designed to create the golden teeth ratio. It means that the teeth should be placed in their correct place and the rows and the up and down maxilla should be aligned.

Smile Designing Recommended For:

  • Patients who want to have a perfect, natural and beautiful smile

Before smile designing

First of all, the patient’s teeth should be healthy, and any problems with dental health must be resolved. For example, the front teeth decays are very useful in the smile’s beauty and should be corrected.

During smile designing

To create a beautiful smile, the dentist will choose the right method by considering all facial components, hair colour, tooth shape and appearance, gum tissue, toothpaste, and lips. After evaluation of oral health and considering the teeth problems, the best method will be chosen according to the dentist’s preference and also confirmation of person and will be applied.

After smile designing

Generally, after this procedure, patients need to pay more attention to their oral hygiene. Also, daily flossing, brushing the teeth twice a day and rinsing with an antibacterial mouthwash is recommended.

Smile Designing