Thigh lift

Thigh lift surgery, also known as thighplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that removes excess fat or skin from either inner or outer thigh.

Overview of Thigh Lift

Many women have problems with their thigh area. As they get older the skin of the thigh becomes saggy and loose. Weigh fluctuations contribute to the changes that occur in the thigh. Cellulitis, fat cells and excess skin make the person look heavier and less fit. Doing exercises cannot completely solve this problem. This procedure tightens and improves the appearance of the thighs and makes the person to look slim and in proportion with the rest of the body. Thighplasty also can be performed at the same time as some other surgical procedures, like liposuction or lower body lift.

Type of Thigh Lift

  • Inner thigh lift. The most popular type of thigh lift is the inner (medial) thigh lift. This procedure involves an incision in the groin fold.
  • Vertical thighplasty. During a vertical thighplasty procedure, the surgeon starts the incision at the groin and extends to the inner knee. A wedge of skin is removed from the inner thigh during a vertical thighplasty. Outer thigh lift. The outer thigh lift involves an incision that extends from the groin around the hip.
  • Spiral thighplasty. A newer technique, spiral thighplasty, reshapes the front, back, inner and outer areas of the thigh. During the spiral thighplasty procedure, an incision is made below the buttocks, extending to the groin crease (where the thigh and pubic area meet).

Thigh lift Recommended For:

  • Individuals who have recently lost large amounts of weight and have loose and saggy thighs
  • Individuals whose skin has naturally started to sag on the thigh

Before Thigh Lift

Patients should inform the surgeon about their medical history. They should stop smoking a few weeks before and after surgery since cigarettes slow down the healing process and increase the risk of infection. They should discontinue some certain medicines such as Aspirin, anti-inflammatory medicines, and herbal supplements. These medicines increase the risk of bleeding. Patients may ask to get lab testing or medical evaluation. They may be given medicines such as antibiotics to take before the surgery.

During Thigh Lift

This procedure usually performed under general anesthesia and it usually lasts 1 to 3 hours. Depending on the areas that need to be treated, the surgeon makes an incision in different patterns on the thigh. In most cases, the incision is made in the groin area. The surgeon removes the excess skin and fat and reshapes the underlying tissue and then tights and lifts the remaining skin. After that, the incision is closed using sutures or adhesive tapes.

After Thigh Lift

Swelling, bruising and soreness are typical symptoms. The surgeon may prescribe painkillers and anti-inflammatory medicines. The sutures will be removed after two weeks. Patients can return to work after a week. They should avoid heavy activities and workouts for 4 to 6 weeks.

Thigh Lift cost in Iran start from 1383$

Thigh Lift cost in Tehran start from 1383$

Thigh Lift cost in Mashhad start from 1483$

Thigh Lift cost in Shiraz start from 1533$

Thigh Lift cost in Ahvaz start from 1533$