The medical job of dentistry deals with all problems involving the teeth, jaw, and mouth. Examples of dentistry sub-specialties cover pediatric dentistry, which addresses dental problems in kids, orthodontics, which deals with crooked and misaligned teeth, which explains problems with gums and surrounding tissue. Popular dentistry procedures cover bone graft, dental implants, crowns, veneers, and root canal. Dentistry also covers aesthetic treatments that focus mainly on the altering of the appearance of the teeth and mouth, such as tooth jewelry, tooth whitening, and smile makeovers.
Besides the teeth, a strand of dentistry known as maxillofacial surgery covers the bone structure of the mouth and jaw, neck and face, as well as solid and soft tissues . Examples of maxillofacial surgery procedures include impacted tooth removal, sleep apnea, corrective jaw surgery, and cosmetic surgery.

Where can I discover dentistry iran?

While dentistry procedure in the United States can be costly or inaccessible, traveling further afield for affordable, easy-to-access dental care is a choice more and more patients are taking. Popular destinations for dentistry in iran.