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    Dentistry is a medical field that consists of diagnoses and treatments of oral cavity diseases:

    •  Tooth decay diagnosis and treatment
    • Periodontitis (gum diseases) diagnosis and treatment
    • Face, jaw and oral lesions diagnosis
    • Performing early orthopaedic treatments for jaw deformities
    • Milk tooth treatment
    • Dental prosthesis treatments for replacing missing teeth
    • Oral and dental simple surgeries

    Where can I discover dentistry in Iran?

    • Dentistry in Iran includes following specialties:
    • Face, oral and jaw pathology specialist (Oral and dental pathologist)
    • Root canal treatment specialist (Endodontist)
    • Dental cosmetics and restoration specialist
    • Gum disease specialist (Periodontist)
    • Jaw, face and oral surgery specialist
    • Dental prosthesis specialist
    • Orthodontist