Face Lift

Face Lift is a beautiful action for face, during which the skin is leaky and loose, the face skin and neck are pulled back to its original state. This beauty action also promotes the beauty and rejuvenation of the skin, removes extra facial tissue and loose skin under the chin and mandibles, and strengthens the muscles. This action will be terminated without the effect of cutting, and its effects will last for a long time. Face Lift is not considered a cosmetic action, and it’s not like daily things you do to keep your skin fresh and youthful. Face Lift is an operation that results in complete recovery of the facial tissues and tissues under the chin and jaw. Liposuction is also used during surgery. Liposuction is a practice in which extra body fats are selected in our desired areas. These actions will keep you appealing and beautiful over time.

Overview of Facelift surgery

In order to implement the facelift process, you will be sedated. This sedative is available in both injectable drug and oral. This process takes about 2 to 2.5 hours. At the end of the procedure, you will be admitted for at least one day after facelift surgery, and there is no possibility of returning home on the day of practice. After the facelift surgery, you must rest, then you can go home. Most sutures will disappear. It is not necessary to remove these sutures manually. After undergoing facelift surgery and postoperative rest, you must return home with a relative (avoid driving), and within 24 hours somebody should take care of you.

After the facelift surgery, what you will worry about is the change that you make of the change you want to see. Pain is less common in surgical areas after facelift surgery, but the onset of swelling is normal. As long as the wounds and traces of the stitches are removed, you may feel uncomfortable, numb, bruised or itchy in the face area. While your muscles are recovering, you may feel emotional, such as stenosis and elongation in your facial muscles. Although it should be noted that after surgery, medications will be prescribed for you as soon as possible to achieve complete recovery and reduce postoperative pain. In order to heal the face and scars quickly from the facelift operation, you need to consider things like: After the facelift surgery, avoid driving – swimming(for at least four days) – exercising (Avoid binging or running), sweating (for up to two weeks). Avoid athletic golf (which is followed by sweating) for at least three weeks. By following the above, you will be able to improve your recovery and get to your daily tasks quickly.

Compare Facelift surgery prices in the world

United States 10.339K $
UAE 9.530K $
Costa Rika 6K $
Brazil 5.833K $
spain 4.318K $
Mexico 3.343K $
Iran 1.10K $

Why choose facelift for facial rejuvenation?

Removing facial hair and taking brief actions such as stitching can make the skin more transparent and soft. But the facelift is considered a complete reconstruction of the facial and neck tissues, which require your skin a very long time, your beauty is not only restored but also more durable and durable than other methods. Its effectiveness is long.

Who can do this facelift surgery?

Anyone (whether male or female) over the age of 35 can make this approach beautiful. Since doing this requires anaesthesia, there is no concern about the age of the applicant for using this facelift method and the beauty of the procedure.

What are the complications and risks of facelift surgery?

Like all surgical procedures, during the facelift process, there is a possibility of bleeding, infection, or the effects of anaesthetics, which is very common.

Will the scars from the facelift surgery fade?

Yes, facelift surgery process is planned in a way that all cut points during the operation are located in hidden areas such as the back of the ear canal, inside the ear, and below the jaw. After recovery, the slightest changes in shape and appearance plus all the scars will fade in the hidden areas. This way, no one realises you’ve done facial lift!

Facelift cost in Iran starts from 924$

Facelift cost in Tehran starts from 924$

Facelift cost in Mashhad starts from 1024$

Facelift cost in Shiraz starts from 1074$

Facelift cost in Ahvaz starts from 1074$