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We believe that everyone should have access to high quality medical care, no matter their geographic location or financial status.

Our mission is to make high-quality health care accessible and affordable for everyone regardless of where they are located in the world.

Our Services

Medipars specialties
Technical service

Medical Consultation
Medical Consultation
The doctor extracts information from the patient, then offers a diagnosis or opinion and may also discuss and offer treatment
Schedule a travel
Schedule a travel
Customized treatment package and travel plan according to your budget
Professional translation services including medical document translation services & interpretation services
Airport pick up & ground transfer
Personal Assistance
Personal Assistance
Personal assistant will accompany and aid you throughout your medical trip
Post Treatment Follow-Ups
Post Treatment Follow-Ups
regular communication between the patient and the doctors
VIP Services (extra charge)
VIP Services (extra charge)
Executive accommodation and transportation service, will make your journey unique and memorable
City Tours (extra charge)
City Tours (extra charge)
Customize your private tour! Our attractive packages let you explore Tehran with a knowledgeable local guide


People Talking About Us

Each one of have helped us throughout our stay here.Keep the good work going. God bless you all.

The people around me did a very good job of keeping us comfortable all the time. They were available 24/7 . The hospital staff also did a great job. Our only concern was not knowing This place is good for medical tourism.

Savitha Anand
November 07, 2023
The journey to health

Everything was so well planned and went really smoothly. The medical leader( translator) was such a big help . He helped with everything and took care of everything very well. The hospital was so clean and every one of the staff was so well mannered and so kind. The Tehran city and all Iran is very clean and very neat .so enjoyable.

Anand Krishna mascot
November 07, 2023

The treatment with the help of all the surgeons doctors nurses and other support staff was really great and the people are very warm and willingness to help always

Sunil Raj
October 26, 2023
Wonderful experience

Yeah its really good experience. Good respecting peoples with cute smile faces. Well trained staffs and good facilities are there really great experience in my view

Manish Slave cashe
October 13, 2023
The people are very friendly,respecting…

The people are very friendly,respecting and helpful.what thay promised thay did it and thay made our trip very enjoyable and unforgatable.

Srinivas Ganta
October 08, 2023
Very fast and reliability kidney…

Very fast and reliability kidney transplant service in Iran,I am from Nepal but unrelated kidney transplant is very difficult here so one of my friend suggest this organization,so I contact this organization them response is very good and very less paper works and also very less processing time they are finished whole transplant process within 25 days and also hospitals are very good thanks for your grateful service

October 27, 2023
اهلا ومرحبا

أنا محمد نويت السياحة العلاجية في إيران وجيت من تركيا. أنا مبسوط جدا بسبب ذكاء واهتمام الطبيب. وكذلك انبسطت بسبب مرافقة الدليل السياحي أستاذ علي. كانت تجربتي مميزة وفريده من نوعها.

Shade My
November 13, 2023
December 20th, 2023

Iran, A Country I Never Imagine Would Come To Our Rescue For A Life Threatening Disease PATIENT STORY .NOV | 08 | 2022 by Serah Khan My ordeal started on the 6 January 2020 when I…

October 26th, 2023

Location: SingaporeProcedure: Kidney Transplant 26 October 2023 Q: How does it feel to come Iran to have your kidney transplant done?Sunil: It is a totally a new experience and I feel great about it. Q: Why…

November 10th, 2022

Zishan, 18 years old, from South Africa, came to Iran with his family for a kidney transplant. Watch Zishan and his father tell you about their journey to Iran with Medipars.

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