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Plastic Surgery

Breast Implant


$ 3,100

Breast Implant In Iran

Best breast implant surgery hospital in Iran

Breast ImplantMore than 40,000 Iranian and foreign patients are going under breast implant surgery in Iran each month. Breast implant surgery in Iran is on top of the middle-east regarding its skilled specialists and surgeons. Here are the best hospitals for breast implant surgery in Iran:

  • Treata Professional Hospital
  • Gandi Hospital
  • Moheb Mehr Hospital

Breast implant cost in Iran

There is a significant difference between the cost of breast implant surgery in Iran and other countries. The most important factors for low price of it in Iran are:

  • A large number of breast implant surgery hospitals in Iran.
  • A large number of applicants for breast implant surgery in Iran.

Breast implant surgery cost in Iran varies depending on the breast implant surgery and the hospital. An average cost of breast implant surgery in Iran is $3000.

Breast implant cost in Iran in comparison with other countries

This surgery costs $4500 in the U.S., $2300 in Europe, $1900 in Thailand and $2300 in Turkey.

Best breast implant surgeon in Iran

More than 7.000 weight loss surgeries are being performed each year in Iran. Experienced Iranian doctors with an excellent record are performing the operations. One of the most important factor for choosing a good surgeon for breast implant surgery in Iran is doctor has done many breast implant surgery.
You can find the best doctors for breast implant surgery in Iran in our website by following their different experiences and before- after gallery.

Why should you travel to Iran for a breast implant surgery?

Many patients travel to Iran for breast implant surgery. One of the reasons for this matter is Iranian specialists and surgeons who have high surgery success rates.

  • Low cost of breast implant in Iran
  • Low cost of accommodation in Iran
  • Well experienced doctors
  • High number of breast implant in Iran

Breast implant surgery centres accordant with today's European standards are performing the highest quality operations in Iran. Another reason for breast implant surgery in Iran is its lower cost compared to other countries.

How long should I stay for breast implant surgery in Iran?

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About Breast Implant

Breast ImplantA breast implant is breast reconstruction by increasing its volume, which is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries that many women have been giving around the world for many years. Breast implants use to make larger and larger breasts or a bulky replacement of the breast that breaks during lactation, pregnancy, weight loss, and malnutrition, or factors such as cancer or stroke. Breast augmentation by breast implant surgery is a safe and minimally invasive, one-two-hour process under general anaesthesia. However, at the advice of specialist physicians, before the breast implant surgery is completed, it is advisable for the applicant to attend a consultation with his/her surgeon and discuss the various ways of breast enlargement and the size and type of prosthesis based on the body’s shape. Choosing a Prosthesis is usually done considering the width of the breast, the assessment of soft tissue and breast tissue coverage. Some people who have a chest prosthesis due to illness or other things may not feel good about it and imagine that they will lose their normal form of the body. But usually, after the breast implant operation, they feel better about these changes. In the practice of breast implant surgery, the surgeon’s physician inserts the prosthesis to cut the cuts in three different places, namely, the cramp, the round halo around the nipple, the umbilical cord or chest under the chest. Then the prosthesis enters the body after cutting it up or down the chest wall muscle. The body holds the prosthesis in place and prevents it from displacing it under the skin. The surgeon closes and inserts the cut after placing the prosthesis in place.

Before Breast Implant

Breast ImplantIf you decide to take a breast implant and take special medication, be sure to inform your doctor before performing a breast implant surgery to prevent any disruption of the surgery. Sometimes the patient must stop taking some medications or change their use. In addition to this aspirin, aspirin products, anti-inflammatory drugs, and herbal supplements should be stopped ten days before breast implants. It is essential to perform certain tests and mammograms on the order of the physician before performing a breast implant. If you are a smoker, stop smoking two weeks before the breast implant surgery.