Jawline Enhancement

Jawline enhancement is a procedure to improve the appearance of jaw and correct the structural jaw issues.

Overview of Jawline Enhancement

The features of people’s face are what make them unique. Faces are the first thing a person often sees. Many people feel that their jawline is asymmetrical, lacks definition or has begun to sag and droop as a result of aging or weight loss. The jawline is an import indicator of beauty. Any individual has beauty concerns and looking for a way to improve their look. Men and women having strong jawline are very important.

Type of Jawline Enhancement

  •  Surgical: Surgical jawline enhancement, also known as jawline augmentation, is a surgery that corrects structural jaw issues due to congenital deficiencies or facial trauma due to the accident. This surgery helps the jaw to appear more defined and angular.
  • Non-surgical: This procedure, also known as dermal filler jawline enhancement, is a non- invasive method to give a person a more youthful appearance. It is a very popular procedure in Iran.

Jawline Enhancement Recommended For:

  •  Patients who have jaw issues due to congenital deficiencies or facial trauma due to accident

Before Jawline Enhancement

The surgeon will take a medical history of the patient. He also takes photograph of the face and examine it. There are some medical situations which need to be examined to decrease the risks of the surgery: high blood pressure, deficiency in blood clotting and tendency to scar. If patient is planning on losing weight, the surgeon will likely advise that he/she does so before undergoing a facelift procedure for optimum results. Patients should not eat or drink anything 12 hours before the surgery.

During Jawline Enhancement

Patients, who are candidate for surgical jawline enhancement, undergo general anesthesia. The surgeon makes incisions inside the mouth and the implants are placed through the incisions. This surgery usually takes about 1 to 2 hours.

After Jawline Enhancement

Patients may experience swelling, pain, bruises and fatigue for 7 days. These are common symptoms after the surgery. To ease these complications the doctor may prescribes some medicines. Patients should avoid smoking and heavy exercises for a few weeks and should limit the alcohol intake. Patients should not wear makeup for a few days.

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