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    Infertility is a disability to have children. When a couple at fertility age can’t have children despite having regular sexual intercourse and not using any pregnancy prevention; one of them is infertile. Infertility can be either the father’s or the mother’s problem.
    Fertility process depends on many possibilities. Therefore, you can’t consider yourself infertile after failure in the first months of sexual intercourse. Besides, many factors are affecting fertility. You may suppose you have infertility without considering them. Fertility possibility is defined when the person is in a complete health condition and has a normal hormonal balance. The man should be completely healthy as well. Also, sexual intercourse should be during ovulation. The interval between ovulation time and sexual intercourse highly reduces pregnancy possibility. 

    The most important causes of infertility in women

    • Ovulation disorders
    • Fallopian tubes disorders
    • Hormonal disorders
    • Uterus
    • Cervix
    • Unexplained infertility

    The most important causes of infertility in men

    • Low sperm count
    • Low sperm motility
    • Abnormal sperms
    • Sperm transport blockage

    Fertility treatment in Iran

    Iranian specialists have been able to treat infertile couples using different methods like IVF, uterine transplant, egg donation. Therefore, you can consider infertility ended in Iran. Iran is one of the most developed countries in infertility treatment services. Ibn-Sina research centre can identify the patient’s defective genes. They use existing techniques to choose a fetus with none defective genes. As a result, they help families have healthy child. Iranian doctors proficiency and expertness, their reputation; fertility centres credibility and low cost of treatment are the reasons that caused many foreign patients travelling to Iran for infertility treatments.