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    Plastic Surgery

    Plastic surgery has become one of the most known surgery fashions in the world. Progress in technology, a decrease in price, and a greater passion for aesthetic improvement has seen the popularity of plastic surgery soar. Examples of plastic surgery are breast, botox, and dermal fillers. Plastic surgery involves the repair or regeneration of function, surface, and structure.
    Though plastic surgery is supposed to be beautiful, the majority of procedures are reconstructive; treating injuries, deformities, trauma injuries. Reconstructive procedures can introduce mammoplasty and breast reduction. While reconstructive surgery is a necessary form of plastic surgery; there is also a growing demand for beauty treatments. Those can be surgical – such as rhinoplasty – or non-surgical procedures, such as botox or laser skin regeneration. Nearly 11 million plastic surgery are done each year in the United States, making it one of the fastest-growing medical industries.

    Where can I discover plastic surgery, Iran?

    For patients from countries such as Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, plastic surgery can be expensive or standing waiting times may be long. For this purpose, many choose to travel to Iran.