Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease

PATIENT STORY .NOV | 08 | 2022

My ordeal started on the 6 January 2020 when I was faced with the most gruesome news that my nephew of 16 years had relapsed into chronic kidney disease widely known as Renal failure. Off course the immediate reaction is HOW, WHAT IS THE COURSE? and HOW CAN WE QUICKLY FIX THIS DISEASE. The reality was glaring at us, and the ONLY solution was a kidney transplant.

By the Grace of God within a year, we were fortunate enough to find a very humble soul who, out of compassion, was willing to donate his kidney. The work began in South Africa in early October of 2021; relentlessly complying and fulfilling all medical protocols. All seemed highly positive as both the donor and the recipient were receiving positive feedback from all medical professionals on the medical tests undergone. Suddenly in July of 2022 we were told that the Kidney transplant cannot take place due to our corrupt political situation in South Africa. Oh YES, you read right!!! As daunting as the outcome was, we remained strong and positive in the belief that there is a solution in this WORLD.

We started our search on google and amazingly, so many countries popped up as countries who allowed foreigners to have a kidney transplant done. Interestingly enough, Iran was far more favorable to us and we decided to choose Iran for many reasons:

  • aws of the country were highly appealing and easy to follow. The motto of saving lives came across very strongly when reading the government health gazette of the country.
  • Process was very practical and logical
  • Cheaper than most countries
  • Highly skilled medical professionals that deliver with utmost empathy
  • Experienced agencies that coordinate and facilitate the medical process, holding your hand through the entire process
Chronic Kidney Disease

The medical agency that we chose was Medipars – Iran Medical tourism facilitator. Whilst in South Africa we were liaising with Medipars on how the process works. What was really fascinating was the information that we continuously received. The extra effort from the agency in that she was able to take our calls on weekends and after hours. Medipars was at our beck and call for every concern and query putting our minds at ease all the way. That affirmed our decision to stick with Iran.

We arrived in the country and were amazed by the swiftness of medical professionals and Medipars.A service delivery beyond our expectation. Within two weeks of being in Iran, a date was set for surgery as promised. The process was smooth and the aftercare was great. We can only sum up this experience as heart-warming with the greatest fulfillment. Our desires and hopes of giving this young lad a new lease in life was met miraculously with the bountiful assistance by Medipars. We thank Medipars, the medical professionals and Iran for making our dream come true. You will forever be remembered in the most endearing way.


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