Communicating with family during your trip to Iran

communicating with family during your trip to Iran

Due to international sanctions on some sites, as well as heavy internet censorship in Iran, it is difficult to use apps you usually use to watch movies, message or talk to your family and friends, or many simple things. Please go through these steps in advance to your trip in order to make easier access to internet.

many apps you usually use in Iran are not available to you. this includes but not limited to : whatsapp, Instagram, telegram, signal, viber, ….
youtube, Netflix, GOOGLE PLAY!!!, trading apps, banking apps,…
Therefore, you will need to use vpns while you are in iran. You can use free vpns, but they work with great difficulty as the servers are regularly blocked.
your communication with your loved ones will be very difficult unless you use a good vpn, or follow advice on the next section.
since google play is blocked, you will not be able to download anything while you are in iran, therefore installation of vpn will charge you heavily

  • download a few free vpns. just browse google play or app store
  • purchase free or paid PREMIUM for one or two vpns. Even if you get a paid vpn, we still don’t know if it’s going to work or not. there are a few very widely known high quality vpns which are blocked even on their premium servers thus rendering them useless, including but not limited to: express vpn, hotspot shield vpm, nord vpn
  • due to the limitations in iran, international banking will not be available, therefore you must PURCHASE AND LOG IN TO YOU ACCOUNT ON ALL DEVICES BEFORE BOARDING IN IRAN! it’s best you do this earlier. logging in will also be difficult due to heavy censorship

we can not guarantee any vpn will work here, but here is a list of free vpns with paid plans, get free trials and try them in iran

  • biubiu vpn (BEST, available on ios and android)
  • x-vpn
  • thunder vpn

once you come to iran and try them, pay for them if they work only
make sure to download and log in to your vpn before arrival
it’s also possible to do things in iran, however the connection quality will be significantly less
and it will end up being much more expensive and time consuming

The following apps are not yet censored as of this moment on February 19 2023. If you want to remain connected to your family, make sure to log into any one of your choice, and connect with your family well in advance of your arrival. This will make for much less trouble communicating.

skype, imo, google meet (on google meet, make sure to login WITH PHONE NUMBER and call your family members once before arriving, trust me, it WILL NOT work otherwise. I don’t know why. you can still email them meeting links otherwise, but you can’t call them unless you do so at home once)

make sure whatever communication app you use; important people know you are using it. Please contact them with a short message before arrival. it will be difficult to find them on your apps otherwise. This is because in Iran, logging in, receiving otp messages, and many simple things work with difficulty.

We are terribly sorry for your inconvenience, but all the above will take only a few minutes, and will ensure you have a stable connection with your family back home, and spend less time fighting with your phone 🙂.


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