Inverted Nipple Correction

Inverted Nipple Correction in Iran

More than 40,000 Iranian and foreign patients are going under inverted nipple correction surgery in Iran each year. Inverted nipple correction surgery in Iran is on top of the middle-east regarding its skilled specialists and surgeons. Here are the best hospitals for inverted nipple correction surgery in Iran:

  • Treata Professional Hospital
  • Gandi Hospital
  • Moheb Mehr Hospital

There is a significant difference between the cost of inverted nipple correction surgery in Iran and other countries. The most important factors for its lower price in Iran are:

  • A large number of inverted nipple correction surgery hospitals in Iran
  • A large number of candidates for inverted nipple correction surgery in Iran

Inverted nipple correction surgery cost in Iran varies depending on the inverted nipple correction surgery and the hospital. An average cost of inverted nipple correction surgery in Iran is $1500.

This surgery costs $3700 in the U.S., $2200 in Europe, $2000 in Thailand and $1700 in Turkey.

More than 700.000 cosmetic surgeries are being performed each year in Iran. Experienced Iranian doctors with an excellent record are performing the operations. One of the most important factors for choosing a good surgeon for inverted nipple correction surgery in Iran is the many inverted nipple correction surgeries performed by the doctor. You can find the best doctors for inverted nipple correction surgery in Iran on our website by following their different experiences.

Many patients travel to Iran for inverted nipple correction surgery. One of the reasons for this matter is Iranian specialists and surgeons who have high surgery success rates.

  • Low cost of inverted nipple correction in Iran
  • Low cost of accommodation in Iran
  • Well experienced doctors
  • A high number of inverted nipple correction in Iran

Inverted nipple correction surgery centres accordant with today’s European standards are performing the highest quality operations in Iran. Another reason for inverted nipple correction surgery in Iran is its lower cost compared to other countries.

Some people may develop inverted nipples, which may make them feel self-conscious. Approximately 10 to 20% of women suffer from inverted nipples. The nipple has two parts: the nipple and the areola. The areola is the pigmented dark skin and nipple is the projected part. In some people the imbalance in muscle traction causing the nipples to remain retracted. Inverted nipples are usually congenital, but they can also result from breast surgery, infection of the milk ducts and breastfeeding.

  • Level 1: nipples are inverted under the areola but respond to stimulation and can be manipulated to protrude. Breastfeeding is usually possible.
  • Level 2: the nipples are inverted all the times, but they can forcefully manipulate to protrude temporarily. Breastfeeding may be possible. The surgery corrects the milk duct.
  • Level 3: the nipple will remain inverted even with vigorous stimulation. The surgery is required.
  • people who are physically healthy and at a stable weight
  • people who are a non-smoker or have stopped smoking
  • people with fully developed breasts
  • people who are unable to breastfeed because of nipple inversion

Patients should stop taking Aspirin and anti-inflammatory medicines at least two weeks before the surgery. Women should be asked to stop taking the contraceptive pills. Patients should stop smoking a few weeks before and after the surgery. The surgeon takes the medical history of patients.

The surgeon will cut under the nipple and free it from the surrounding tissue. A stitch is secured and placed around the nipple, and a small splint is applied to hold it in a protruding position. The stitch and splint will need to remain in place for about one week. A gauze dressing may be used.

Patients undergo general anaesthesia during the procedure.

The surgery takes about 30 minutes and 2 hours.

Patients can go home the same day of the procedure. They should avoid strenuous activity for at least one week. Swelling and bruising are common for a few days after the surgery. They will be able to return to work after a few days. The surgeon may prescribe painkillers to control the pain.

What is inverted nipple correction?

Inverted nipple correction is a surgical procedure to correct nipples that are inverted or pulled inward.

How is inverted nipple correction performed in Iran?

In Iran, inverted nipple correction is typically performed under local anesthesia and involves making small incisions around the nipple to release the tissue that is causing the inversion.

What is the recovery time for inverted nipple correction in Iran?

Recovery time for inverted nipple correction in Iran is typically 1-2 weeks, during which patients are advised to avoid strenuous activity and wear a supportive bra. Pain and swelling can be managed with medication.

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