Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Sleeve surgery (LSG) is a surgical weight-loss procedure in which the stomach is reduced to about 15% of its original size.

Overview of Gastric Sleeve

Nowadays the rate of obesity and its problems and illnesses is increasing, so the issue of weight loss has become more and more important. Although the best way to lose weight is to have a proper diet and exercise, sometimes the obesity problem is very serious, which is not easily resolvable, and other methods, such as surgery can be considered. Sleeve Gastrectomy has become a popular therapeutic approach among patients with obesity who are seeking weight loss. This method reduces the stomach volume so the appetite is reduced and the patient loses weight. This method is usually done based on laparoscopy.

Gastric Sleeve Recommended For:

  • The patients whom BMI is above 40 or between 35-40 with comorbidities like diabetes, high blood pressure or obstructive sleep apnea and they already tried diet and exercise but cannot lose weight.
  • Patients older than 18-years old.
  • patients must be willing to make major changes in their eating habits and lifestyle

Before Gastric Sleeve

The bariatric surgeon may recommend a pre-operative diet before the surgery which has protein but carbohydrates and fat limitations. This diet makes body ready for the surgery. Patients should tell the surgeon their complete medical history and medicines and supplements intake, he or she asks for laboratory tests to check body health completely. It is important to know that patients should try to stop smoking for better outcomes and they should stop smoking at least 30 days before surgery.

During Gastric Sleeve

Patient will be under general anesthesia during the surgery and the surgery is done based on laparoscopy method. The surgeon will make some incisions on abdomen for inserting the laparoscopy instruments. A large part of the stomach is removed and only a banana shaped stomach is remained.

After Gastric Sleeve

Patients feel pain after the anesthesia gone, so they need pain killers. On the day after the surgery patient can drink liquids and after some days pureed foods can be added to regimen. This method can be continued for about a month and then they can gradually add solid foods. After all bariatric surgeries patients should absolutely change their previous life style and food, because doing exercise and eating healthy can maintain or also add to weight loss. Patients can go back to work in 1 to 3 weeks and they should avoid strenuous activity for the first 30 days. Especially after sleeve gastrectomy, chew food carefully, drink liquids half an hour before meals and avoid high calorie foods and beverages. Taking multi vitamin supplements and specially B-12 vitamin and calcium are necessary.

Gastric Sleeve cost in Iran start from 4500$ to 5400$

Gastric Sleeve cost in Tehran start from 4500$ to 5400$

Gastric Sleeve cost in Mashhad start from 4600$ to 5500$

Gastric Sleeve cost in Shiraz start from 4650$ to 5550$

Gastric Sleeve cost in Ahvaz start from 4650$ to 5550$

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