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Noor Eye Hospital


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Noor Eye Hospital

Noor is an ophthalmology centre established in 1993 in Tehran with more than 25 years of a remarkable experience. Noor ophthalmology hospital founded as the first private ophthalmology centre presents broad kinds of eye services such as eye examination, diagnosis. Noor complex provides all types of ophthalmic procedures. Refractive surgeries, Cataract surgeries, Corneal transplantation surgery, Glaucoma surgery, permanently eye color change surgery and Vitreo –Retinal Surgery as examples.

Noor Ophthalmology Complex

The Noor complex covers a hospital and two subspecialty ophthalmology clinics in Tehran. Alborz Noor subspecialty hospital located in Karaj, a city near Tehran is covered by Noor complex as well. Noor is the largest most significant ophthalmology centres in Iran, honoured to perform many procedures for the very first time in the country.  Following procedures were performed first at Noor ophthalmology complex in Iran: First refractive surgery using LASIK and Excimer Laser, first laser surgery to treat corneal opacities, first CXL surgery, first eye color change surgery and establishing the first diabetes clinic in Iran for monitoring eye conditions in patients with diabetes

Noor Specialty Clinics

Cornea Subspecialty Clinic

Refractive Surgeries subspecialty Clinic

External eye diseases & Dry Eye Clinic

Low Vision Clinic

Children’s Clinic

Diabetes Clinic

Cosmetic Eye Clinic

Glaucoma subspecialty Clinic

Retina & Diabetic Retinopathy subspecialty Clinic

Paraclinical and Diagnostic Services




Corneal pachymetry

Fundus photography

Echography (A-scan and B-scan ultrasonography)

OPD scan

Laser procedures for Glaucoma (SLT, YAG, PI)

Anterior segment OCT (ASOCT) imaging

Common Surgical Procedures in Noor Eye Hospital

Refractive surgery (PRK, Femto-LASIK, SMILE & Phakic IOL Implantation)

Cataract Surgery (Traditional & Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery)

KAMRA Corneal Inlay (Corneal Implants for Presbyopia)

Corneal Transplantation Surgery (Keratoplasty)

Permanently Eye Color Change (Iris Implant Surgery)

Vitero-Retinal Surgery (Vitrectomy)

Glaucoma Surgery

Oculoplastic Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Eye Muscle Surgery (Strabismus)

Nasolacrimal Duct Surgery

Pterygium Surgery

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