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    Hair Restoration


    PRP in Iran

    Best PRP clinic in Iran

    Hair PRP

    Achieve your desired results with our recommended list of top-rated PRP clinics in Iran. Specialized care, experienced doctors, state-of-the-art facilities, and personalized attention are available at these clinics, ensuring the highest level of patient satisfaction.

    • Atrisa Clinic
    • Iran Hair Center

    PRP cost in Iran

    There is a significant difference between the cost of PRP in Iran and other countries. The most important factors for the low price of it in Iran are:

    • A large number of PRP clinics in Iran.
    • A large number of applicants for PRP in Iran.

    PRP cost in Iran varies depending on the doctor and the hospital. The average cost of PRP in Iran is $215.

    PRP cost in Iran in comparison with other countries

    This surgery costs $1,050 in the U.S., $1,300 in Europe, $600 in Thailand, and $1,100 in Turkey.

    Best PRP surgeon in Iran

    More than 2M cosmetic treatments are being performed each year in Iran. Experienced Iranian doctors with excellent records are performing the operations. One of the most important factors for choosing a good doctor for PRP in Iran is a doctor has done many PRP treatments.
    You can find the best doctors for PRP in Iran on our website by following their different experiences.

    Why should you travel to Iran for a PRP?

    • Low cost of PRP in Iran
    • Low cost of accommodation in Iran
    • Well experienced doctors
    • The high number of PRP in Iran

    Cosmetic centers accordance with today's European standards are performing the highest quality operations in Iran. Another reason for PRP in Iran is its lower cost compared to other countries.

    How long should I stay for PRP in Iran?

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