Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant

An eyebrow transplant is a procedure, similar to a hair transplant that works to reconstruct their eyebrows. The process works by taking donor hair from the scalp and transplanting it to the eyebrows to help achieve a fuller brow.

Overview of Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrows play a key role in facial beauty. Many people around the world want to change the shape, length, or density of their eyebrows to achieve their ideal appearance. Eyebrow pencils or eyebrow shadows are cosmetics and temporary and usually damage eyebrows hair, while, eyebrow transplantation is a permanent method. This method can provide natural and denser eyebrows with the expected shape. Transplanted eyebrow hairs will be the same as the other eyebrow hairs.

Eyebrow Transplant Recommended For:

  • Adults who wish to have a different look
  • Adults who lose their eyebrow due to different reasons

Before Eyebrow Transplant

Patients should stop smoking 3-5 days before the procedure. Smoking affects the blood flow that delays the healing time. They shouldn’t drink alcohol three days before the treatment. Doctors should take a medical history. Since some medications such as aspirin, Plavix and dabigatran or warfarin and rivaroxaban and any anti-inflammatory medicine like ibuprofen or celecoxib should be held under the doctor’s supervision. Also, supplements such as gingko Biloba, omega 3, fish oil and vitamin B & E must be held due to the increased risk of bleeding during the surgery. The eyebrows are designed with the patient’s input to ensure the result matches what they want.

During Eyebrow Transplant

The surgery is performed under local anaesthesia. The surgeon takes each hair follicle from the back of the scalp (donor part) with a special micro punch. After making holes to the desired area, the surgeon grafts the hair follicles there one by one. The procedure does not end until the patient is delighted.

After Eyebrow Transplant

Perhaps the doctor will prescribe some pain killer pills or antibiotics to prevent infection. Patients should put head upper than the body in sleeping position. They have to avoid alcohol consumption for at least three days and smoking for up to 2 weeks after surgery. The recovery of the donor area is fast and minimal scar remains. Some patients can return to work in 2 to 5 days after the operation. The hairs usually fall out in the 2nd-3th week. After 1-3 months, new hairs grow which may be weak and thin at first, but if the patient waits for 5-6 months, the hairs will be stronger and about 2-3 inches. It is also desirable to mention that most people can see the final result after about one year. Patients should try not to pluck their eyebrows for at least six months.

Eyebrow Transplant cost in Iran start from 460$

Eyebrow Transplant cost in Tehran start from 460$

Eyebrow Transplant cost in Mashhad start from 560$

Eyebrow Transplant cost in Shiraz start from 610$

Eyebrow Transplant cost in Ahvaz start from 610$