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    Erfan Niayesh Hospital


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    Erfan Niyayesh Hospital

    Erfan Niyayesh hospital is a private super-speciality hospital located in west Tehran. The hospital is provided with 300 beds. Erfan Niyayesh is a well-equipped hospital established in 2015 in 3 blocks (A, B, C). The hospital departments are Internal Medicine, Pediatric, Women, Surgery, Emergency, Labor, Genetic, Psychiatry, Skin & Wound Care.

    Erfan Niyayesh Hospital Medical Staff

    Erfan Niyayesh benefits from skilled and expert medical staff, including medical sciences Universities professors. By completing their specialists and super specialists team, Erfan Niyayesh aims to provide high standard medical services. The hospital’s activity compliments Erfan Saadat Abad hospital.

    Speciality Clinics

    Skin & Cosmetic Clinic
    Cardiology Clinic
    Wound Care Clinic
    Genetic & Infertility Clinic
    Radiotherapy Clinic
    Dentistry Clinic
    Pediatric Clinic
    Women & Labor Clinic
    Psychiatry Clinic
    Medical Departments:
    Angiography & Angioplasty Department
    General Surgeries Department
    General ICU Department
    Specialised ICU Department
    Cardiac ICU Department
    Neurological ICU Department
    NICU Department
    CCU Department
    Post Cath Department
    Pediatric Department
    Labor and Women’s Department
    Imaging Department (CT Scan- MRI-Mammography- Radiology- Sonography)
    Laboratory Department (Pathology-Biochemistry-Hematology-Microbiology-Genetics)
    Physiotherapy Department
    Surgeries Performing in Erfan Niyayesh
    Labor and Women’s Surgery
    Nephrology Surgery
    Cosmetic Surgery
    Ear, Nose, Throat Surgery
    General Surgery
    Cardiology Surgery

    About Erfan Niyayesh Hospital

    Erfan Niayesh hospital provides broad medical services with the highest quality as one of the best none – governmental hospitals of the country. It represents treatment services and nursing interventions regarding global standards. The Erfan Niayesh hospital is one of Iran’s most prominent none – governmental hospitals that covers many medical specialities with a team of experts, skilled doctors and surgeons.

    Medical Specialty

    Obstetrics & Gynaecology

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